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2 Hour workshop using creative expression to re-connect with and uncover lost aspects of yourself


Often when we embark on our journey into motherhood we are so enthralled with the wonderful experiences of caring for our children we loose sight of our own existence and stop caring for ourself.

This workshop provides and opportunity to re-connect to some of those parts which got lost in the process while also recognizing new parts which have slowly developed.

This workshop encourages spontaneous free expression through creativity guided by a Registered Art therapist. Through this art experience you will have an opportunity to open up your creativity in order to explore personal material, which can facilitate deeper self knowledge and growth.

No artistic experience of skills are required

What to expect

During this workshop you will

Possible Benefits

Reconnecting to ourself can unearth old parts of ourself which still exist but remain distant from our day to day life. In addition, seeing new parts of who we have become and qualities we have developed can inspire and build confidence. Through activating connection, discovery, and care of our inner self we build the foundation for a positive continued journey towards growth and overall wellness.

When & Where

November 25th, 2017, 10AM to 12PM - Beach United Church (140 Wineva Avenue Toronto, ON M4E 2T4)


The cost is $55.00. This includes all art supplies and resources - REGISTER NOW

The Facilitator

Anu Lala is a Mother and Registered Art therapist with 22 years of experience doing Art therapy in the Community, Hospitals and Private Practice

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